Underground Seismic Security Sensors

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Seismic Sensors that add an extra layer of protection

weatherproof alarm sensor
Climate Proof

Unlike other buried security technologies such as leaky coax or fiber optics, our rugged systems offer 365/24/7 protection, even under extreme weather conditions.

Vandal Proof Alarm sensors
Vandal Proof

Our seismic systems are impenetrable and cannot be dug under, climbed over, or sabotaged without triggering an event or threat.

invisible alarm sensor

Our seismic sensors and processing units are buried completely underground, making them undetectable to intruders while keeping the environment intact.

Sandfire sensoguard sensors
Farm Protection
Home Protection
Energy, pipeline and pump Installations
Airports, Prisons and strategic Installations
Anti Poaching Operations
Military and Law enforcement
Sensor Technology

Our standalone, buried seismic detectors offer reliable, long-lasting and invisible protection – with no maintenance required.

Based on the same sensitive seismic technology used for earthquake detection, the system recognises threats whenever vibrations are sensed in their vicinity.

Our rugged underground detectors are manufactured in compliance to the strictest military standards, rendering them completely functional year-round, even under extreme weather conditions.

The system is able to uniquely recognise a wide range of threats above and below ground, including footsteps, moving vehicles, digging activities, among others.

It is easily integrated into any existing security system – offering an extra layer of reliable protection – or operates as a standalone security system in guarded or unguarded sites.

Equipped with adaptive algorithms optimised to minimize false alarms rate (FAR) and maximize probability of detection (PD), the system acts as a worry-free early detection system to secure and protect your assets and property.

Our Sensors can be added to an existing alarm system, or function as a standalone sensor which transmits its alarm signals via GSM (Cellular) modem, Satellite Modem ( Inmarsat-) or Wifi.

Sensoguard Sensors come in Wireless or hardwired dry contact versions.


Downloads - Standalone seismic sensor brochure

SG-1 Underground Sensor

SG-1 User Manual

Invisifence Perimeter system

Technical Specs SG-1

Covert Camera Kit



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