Orange is the New Black

How to Stay Safe in SA in 2018

Let's face it, things have been hotting up lately, and our long history in public protection gives us an insight into how to keep safe in trying situations.

These are our top tips to keeping safe in any situation.

1. Orange is the New Black!

In security and the military we refer to different conditions of readiness, Green, Orange and Red, like your traffic lights or as we call them here in SA, our robots!

Green - Completely relaxed and at ease in your surroundings (sadly this is when we are most vunerable!)

Orange - Aware of your surroundings, observant of what is going on in the environment

Red - Fight or flight mode, ready for action!

When you are in condition Orange you are alert and ready to react to any hostile situation, your senses are all working and you can react accordingly. An example of a scenario is you are exiting the mall, the Cash in Transit vehicle is parked outside the entrance, do you know where the guards are positioned? Have you noticed any suspicious people or cars in the area? Have you decided where the safest and closest cover is available?  If you are with your children and they are too bigs to carry, have you drilled them in how to react in a situation? Do you know what is good cover, ie a vehicle engine block or solid brick wall.

It is sad that it is necessary to live in this condition permanently but it does help to prevent becoming a victim. 

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