Know Your Enemy

This tip leads on from the last post. Criminals pick their targets and are generally cowards so they will always pick their victims carefully. If they see you are completely absorbed in a task, on the phone, or if they walk past you and you look down and don't look them in the face, they know they have a potential target. 

Always be observant of facial features, clothing, car makes and models etc. This will help security and SAPS to make arrests in the event of an incident.

We recommend that gun owners train regularly at the range, be confident with your weapon and know how it works backwards, practice magazine changes, clearing jams and drawing and shooting. A competent gun owner will never let a criminal use his firearm against him! If you carry a weapon be prepared to use it or else it will be taken away from you. In our experience there is never enough time to get to your safe and unlock it in an emergency, make sure your weapon is close at hand for when you need it.

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